Maria Solias - Tangerines: Oil painting feat. Perro the cat

Tangerines: Oil painting feat. Perro the cat

This illustration is inspired by one of my calls to my abuelita. She often tells me the same story, over and over, but in each telling, I feel sadder. She usually takes all her cash stuffed inside her underwear (if you're from Venezuela, you know it's a lot and nothing at all at the same time). She doesn't go to the Mercado alone unless my uncle goes along... She always tries to hide her grocery bags and does not take her wallet or phone with her because she's too afraid of being robbed again. One day, a kid was sitting at the bus stop playing (?), she didn't notice him at first... right when she was taking the bus to go home, the kid dragged her, ripped off her bag and ran away with a couple of tangerines. She felt really sad because those tangerines were not good, they were a little bit spoiled. And said with sorrow, that she had picked them from the floor to feed her parrots. I wish I'd had something else instead! she recalled.

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