Film Jams - ARRI Skypanel S60 Lighting Effect

ARRI Skypanel S60 Lighting Effect

The ARRI Skypanel S60 is an industry standard lighting fixture when it comes to video production. On top of the Skypanel's impressive light quality, it also includes great lighting effect modes for many creative applications and FX.

The ARRI Skypanel’s lighting effect modes can quickly add many different looks and moods to your lighting setup. In this video, we demonstrate the cop car effect, fire mode, lightning effect, tv flicker, and paparazzi mode.

The Skypanel’s fire FX mode will make your scene feel like it was filmed by a campfire. The TV flicker effect simulates the light flicker of a tv screen and can be used on talent to make a scene with a tv look more realistic.

If you have any questions on the techniques used in this review video, please send a note in the comments. Thanks for watching ARRI Skypanel S60 Lighting Effects Modes, in our Film Jams series!

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