Film Jams - 5 Editing Tips to Make You Faster

5 Editing Tips to Make You Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro

Looking to speed up your editing game? These 5 Adobe Premiere Pro editing tips and tricks will make editing faster and more efficient. You've finished writing & filming, now it's time to create a new sequence & try these 5 Adobe Premiere Pro editing tips to make you a better and faster editor!

This video will show you how to edit audio quickly by using audio gain shortcuts, adjustment layers to color correct faster, nesting sequences to make timelines less busy, navigating your timeline using the "nudge" and "go to next edit point" shortcuts, and efficiently copying and pasting by using target track selection.

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If you have any questions on the techniques used in this Adobe Premiere tutorial video, please send a note in the comments. Thanks for watching 5 Tips to Make You Faster in Premiere Pro, in our Film Jams series!

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