Film Jams - MoVI Pro Review, Setup & Alexa Mini Sample Footage

MoVI Pro Review, Setup & Alexa Mini Sample Footage

Hey Film Jammers! Check out our latest Freefly Movi Pro Review & Setup with Alexa Mini Sample Footage (Shot in 48fps Slow Mo!). We had a lot of fun testing our new Freefly Movi Pro with the Alexa, and especially liked the new way it's able to power all the accessories and even the ARRI Alexa Mini from the Movi Pro batteries! In this review, we do a complete setup tutorial of the camera with the Movi and then we take it for a spin in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. So if you've been wondering how to set up a Movi Pro with an Alexa Mini, or how to balance the Movi Pro, take a look.

The camera held up surprisingly well at night even at the higher frame rate- with minimal to no additional lighting in some of the shots. We had a Litepanel Astra (6x) on battery for some of the shots. It was great to put our Canon Cinema Prime Lenses, the CN-E 24mm specifically, to the test as well.

As always, we really enjoy hearing from you so please let us know what you think in the comments. What's your favorite camera gimbal? What are your thoughts on the Freefly Movi gimbal?

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