Film Jams - Craziest July 4th Video EVER

Craziest July 4th Video EVER! Thug Life Fourth: Filmed on ARRI Alexa Mini

Check out the craziest 4th of July video ever! Whether your July 4th will be filled with partying, hotdogs, fireworks, or freedom, celebrate pride for America! Shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini camera. If you're looking for crazy or funny 4th of July videos you won't believe this 4K footage!

Our film crew used our ARRI Alexa Mini for the independence day video, the craziest 4th of July video ever, and we filmed in 3.2K on Canon Cinema Primes and the Canon 24-105mm L lens. We uprezzed the video in post to 4K from 3.2K, as we do in the United States of America - on a day of freedom!

We filmed in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, one of America's great colonies in this great land. We hope you enjoy the video and it moves you or maybe is it just another funny 4th of July video?

On July 4th, America does what America wants. This Independence Day, celebrate like our Founding Fathers would have wanted you to: in style.

No matter what you believe or where you came from, can we all come together and unite for America, on a day of freedom.

In between all the fireworks, hot dogs, and red, white, and blue this July 4th, take time to exercise your American freedom.

Be free to be yourself on Fourth of July. If you have any questions on the techniques used in this tutorial video, please send a note in the comments. Thanks for watching "The Craziest July 4th Video EVER!" filmed on ARRI Alexa Mini in our Film Jams series! BTW, Will Smith, what are you doing this Independence Day?! ID4!

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