Goldthread - Chef’s Plate Ep.7 :Zhajiang Noodles

Chef’s Plate Ep.7 :Zhajiang Noodles an Interview with Amelie Kang (New York)

26-year-old Amelie Kang is a co-founder of the MáLà Project in NYC, a Sichuan-style restaurant that’s introducing dry hot pot to the U.S.

An alumna of the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Chef Kang shared with us one of her favorite dishes, zhajiang noodles.

It’s a classic northern Chinese dish that her grandmother used to make, and is known for its rich minced pork and fermented soybean paste flavors.

Written by: Leon Wu
Story Editor: Dolly Li
Shot, Edited and Produced by Leon Wu
Associate Producer: Danya Hu
Mastered by: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

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