Frontier Forge - How to Make a Sheet Metal Rose

How to Make a Sheet Metal Rose

In this video, I show you how to make a sheet metal rose. First, I cut off a nine-inch piece of 1/4" inch round stock and texture it with the hammer. Then, I use a pattern or template that I printed off to cut the petals out of the sheet metal using tin snips. Use gloves when handling the sheet metal as it will be sharp. It is a good idea to file down sharp corners and edges after you are done cutting out the petals for your rose. Next, you drill a hole in the middle of your rose so that it will fit on your stock for the stem. Texture your petals with the cross or ball peen hammer. Now, in this particular video, I was using galvanized sheet metal. You don't want to heat or weld on galvanized as it gives off toxic fumes, so I did a compression fit of my petals, but if you use regular steel sheet you can tack weld your petals on. With that being said, I did a compression fit by peening the tip of the stem over and drilling the sepal smaller than my stem so that it fits uptight. After that, you just bend and shape the petals into a rose bloom. It's that simple. And that is how you make a sheet metal rose! This is a great sheet metal project and an awful lot of fun to make. I hope you enjoy the video!

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