Frontier Forge - Hand Forged Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Hand Forged Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

In this video, I hand forge a candy cane Christmas ornament and then copper plate it. I start by twisting a piece of 5/16" square bar. After it's twisted, I bend the cane part over the horn of the anvil. This can also be done with a bending jig if you are going to be making a bunch of them. Next, I polish it up with a wire wheel and steel wool to prepare it for copper plating. After it's polished up, I let it set in the electroplating solution for about 5 minutes or so. Once it's copper plated, I clean it up with some steel wool and a cotton cloth. After that, I grind the ridges with a 1000 grit belt on the belt sander to leave some silver stripes mixed with the copper to give it the appearance of a candy cane. This is a fairly simple project and makes a very beautiful Christmas ornament! I got the idea from Square One Forge out of New Hampshire. He does some amazing work! Be sure and check him out on Instagram: I hope you enjoyed the video, and that you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a very Merry Christmas!

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