Frontier Forge - Forging a Simple Iron Shelf Bracket

Forging a Simple Iron Shelf Bracket

In this video I demonstrate how I hand forge a simple, iron shelf bracket using two pieces of 3/16" by 3/4" flat bar. I start off forging the 17" piece to a 90 degree angle to form the main bracket. Then on the 20" piece, I form some decorative scrolls that will become the gusset. I start my scrolls by first breaking the corners on the ends of the stock and then drawing them down to a taper. After this I take a heat on the tapered ends and start working them over the edge of the anvil and forming my decorative scrolls. Once your scrolls are formed the way you want them, you can attach them to your shelf bracket by riveting or some other means. For the sake of time, I chose to weld the decorative scroll gusset in place. This is a fairly simple project that any beginning blacksmith should be able to accomplish. I hope you enjoy the video!

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