Goldthread - Chef’s Plate Episode 3: Sourdough Egg Waffle

Chef’s Plate Episode 3: Sourdough Egg Waffle an Interview with May Chow (Hong Kong)

Meet May Chow, the young Hong Kong native modernizing her city’s cuisine through her innovative restaurant's concepts, Happy Paradise and Little Bao.

May was born in Hong Kong but raised in Canada and found a way to reconnect with her roots through food. In this video, she shows us how she makes sourdough egg waffles, a signature dish of her restaurant, Happy Paradise, that’s inspired by nostalgia for a beloved Hong Kong street snack.

Written by: Sierra Chiao
Featuring: May Chow
Produced by: Sierra Chiao and Clarissa Wei
Directed by: Nicholas Ko
Shot by: Nicholas Ko & Chet Leung
Edited by: Mario Chui
Mastered by: Victor Peña
Music: Audio Network
Additional Footage: Youku

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