Goldthread - Shaolin and Hip Hop

Shaolin and Hip Hop in the Age of a Rap Ban in China

In 2018, China banned what it deemed to be controversial hip-hop content from television. In this interview with 36th Chamber, one of Beijing’s original b-boy dance crews, the group talked about how the ban affected China’s culture, the Black-American struggle that gave rise to the early hip-hop pioneers in New York, and the intersection of Shaolin martial arts and hip-hop from the 1970s to modern day.

Just like the Wu-Tang Clan album of 1993, 36th Chamber was inspired by the art of discipline and self-mastery from the movie “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.”

Directed by: George Zhi Zhao
Written by and produced by Dolly Li and George Zhi Zhao
Voiceover by: Dolly Li
Shot by: Timmy Shen and George Zhi Zhao
Edited by: George Zhi Zhao
Mastered by: Victor Peña

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