Goldthread - People React to McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

People React to McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce in Sichuan, A Taste Test

After one Rick & Morty episode, McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, or “Mulan Sauce,” as described by the cartoon, went viral. The sauce had been discontinued and, at one point, was bid up to thousands of dollars on eBay.
McDonald’s saw this reignited demand for the sauce and decided to bring it back, so we got our hands on their Szechuan Sauce and took it out to the real Sichuan to see if it would pass the authenticity test. We invited a few locals to try the sauce with us to see how they'd react.

Written by: Clarissa Wei
Voiceover: Dolly Li
Featuring: Dolly Li and Clarissa Wei
Produced by: Dolly Li and Clarissa Wei
Shot by: Mario Chui and Nicholas Ko
Edited by: Mario Chui
Mastered by: Victor Peña
Special thanks: Friendly Sichuan locals who participated in our taste test
Music: Audio Network
Additional Footage: Adult Swim

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