Goldthread - Finding The Largest Tea Tree In The World

Finding The Largest Tea Tree In The World (WILD: Episode 1)

The most prized Pu’er tea trees produce tea leaves that’s worth thousands per kilo. Discovered in 1991, the largest of these tea trees is 84 feet tall, nestled in the Ailao Mountains near Qiangzha Village in the Yunnan province of China. At 2,700 years old, it is also considered one of the oldest.

Clarissa Wei takes us on a hike through the mountains of Pu’er to find this elusive tree, which many villagers consider a deity.

Written and Voiceover by Clarissa Wei
Featuring: Leah Li
Produced by: Clarissa Wei
Shot by: Lui Chen
Edited by: Nicholas Ko
Mastered by: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

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