Goldthread - A Look Inside a Tibetan Folk Music Hall

A Look Inside a Tibetan Folk Music Hall Where Singers Dream of Fame

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, is a diverse urban hub in southwest China. It’s a city that many Tibetans and other ethnic groups migrate to for jobs and educational opportunities.

While exploring Chengdu, we stumbled upon these Tibetan musicians practicing for their evening show at a folk music hall. We wandered in and were immediately transported to another world.

We interviewed one of the performers to learn more about the Tibetan community in Chengdu, why they left their grasslands and their aspirations for the future.

Written by: Dolly Li and Clarissa Wei
Voiceover by: Dolly Li
Produced by: Dolly Li and Clarissa Wei
Shot by: Mario Chui Nicholas Ko
Edited by: Nicholas Ko
Mastered by: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

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