The Cryptoverse -BitConnect Reborn

BitConnect Reborn ,Big Day For Bitcoin Cash ,4 Year Crypto Price Pattern

I have finally broken my silence on this.
For the last year, I would say, tons of people have asked me about BitConnect, what I think to it and whether I would do a video on it.
I have categorically refused to talk about it at all.

When someone would ask me about it on a live stream I would just not comment positively or negatively.
Energy flows where attention goes remember and I chose not to give BitConnect any energy.

It doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence to me that on the day we had one of the biggest market corrections we’ve seen, BitConnect would bring a halt to their platform.

The reasons they give for this are:
Bad Press
Cease and Desist letters from local governments in the US
Constant DDoS attacks on their servers disrupting their service

They are closing their exchange and lending platform but keep the website up to provide wallet services, news, and education.

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