PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - One Day in Kauai - Kalalau Trail

One Day in Kauai - Kalalau Trail

One Day trip to the end of the road Ke'e Beach for beautiful Kalalau Trail along Napali Coast in 2015. This is the easiest 2 mile part of the trail leading to secluded Hanakapi'ai Beach. Great idea for a day trip with nature. Absolutely gorgeous views of NaPali Coast along the way. The lush tropical scenery on really steep cliffs is just breathtaking. Recommended only on sunny and dry days. It can be very dangerous on rainy days. Pretty safe (even for kids) when the weather cooperates. When you come back to Ke'e beach, sunset is a must-see spectacle. It is truly one of a kind, astonishing show. Recorded with GoPro 4 Black Edition and edited in Sony Vegas 13.
Music by: Mark Petrie "Richat"

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