PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - Haleakala Crater

PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - Haleakala Crater Full Day Volcano Hike GoPro Maui Hawaii

Maui - Hawaii 2014. Haleakala National Park. Full day hiking into the crater. We started at 9 am at Hosmer Grove parking lot. Hitchhiking to Haleakala Visitor Center and climbing to Pa Ka'oao overlook where the journey began. It was freezing weather at the top. Expected 34 F. As we walked down temperature rise to lower 40 with the sun warming the air. Ideal for hiking out there. It took us 8 hours and 15 min. to walk back to the car. Elevation changed few times and toughest and coolest part of this hike was a steep Halemau'u Trailhead with fast 1000 feet elevation change, narrow trail and really nice views of the crater. Approximately 15 miles hike and over 3000 feet elevation change. All recorded with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Time-lapse mode with 800 pictures.
Music by Blackmill - Miracle.

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