PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - Florida Scuba Diving - Jupiter Drift Dive

Florida Scuba Diving - Jupiter Drift Dive

Scuba diving at Jupiter, Florida. This is my first drift dive and it was an awesome experience. I'm sure it would be much better with great weather and video would have much nicer colors but I was lucky enough to get on the boat that day. Florida weather is unpredictable in the summer season and mostly it was rainy. I can't imagine how beautiful is out there when the sun is shining. I used two GoPro's. Hero3 and Hero4 Back Editions with red filters and Switchblade2.0 GoPro Hero4 Macro lens by Polar Pro Filters.
I used Jupiter Dive Center for this trip and they did an awesome job.
Edited in Sony Movie Studio 13
Music by FLARES - Breathing Fire (Audiosocket Track #136873)

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