PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - ELEVATED - "Tiny" City of Chicago

ELEVATED - "Tiny" City of Chicago Tilt-Shift 4K Time Lapse

(®) One camera, one lens, one "tiny" big city - CHICAGO.
Real Tilt & Shift Time Lapse with 24 mm Rokinon T-S 3.5 Lens. Since this effect is achieved easily and too often using software (fake tilt-shift) I found this more challenging with actual T-S Lens. It took me really long time to collect sequences (some dated January 2016), requiring higher elevation. Every now and then I was able to shoot from high-rises and finally gathered enough interesting time lapses to edit miniaturized Windy City.
Special "Thank you" for all permissions to photograph and to amazing people helping me with my project. Here is a list of some locations I was able to take pictures from - London House Chicago, Sheraton Chicago, Continental Hotel Chicago, AON Building, Holiday Inn Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Wyndham Chicago, Lake Point Tower, Field Museum, MSI, Sheed Aquarium, McCormick Place and many, many more.
Canon 5D MK III, 60-time lapses, around 20K pictures, processing in LRTime Lapse, Lightroom 5, Editing - Sony Movie Studio 13
Music licensed from Envato market.

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