PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - Chicago River Dyed Green for St. Patrick's Day

Chicago River Dyed Green for St. Patrick's Day

(®) March 11 - 2017. It takes more than 45 pounds of environmentally friendly vegetable dye to color the water green for St. Patrick's Day. The Windy City Celebrates Its Annual Green Dyeing of the Chicago River for the 55th time. This year was really cold 19F (-7C) and made it much harder to capture. I shot over 5000 pictures in 5 hours for this project. The dyeing process takes place between Wabash Avenue and Columbus Drive. The tradition was born in 1961 and the first dying of the river occurred in 1962. This year time lapse was shot from the roof of the London House Chicago Hotel. Awesome location to witness this amazing event. Special thanks to all friendly and helpful stuff from the hotel. Unforgettable experience.
Music by Dexter Britain - Chasing Time
under Creative Commons License

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