PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - Amazing Underwater Kauai

Amazing Underwater Kauai

Kauai scuba diving in the winter season. Recorded with GoPro Hero4 and Hero3 at the same time. Cool shore dives from Koloa Landing and two boat dives with Fathom Five Dive Shop. All dives in south shore due to high surf on north and west side of the island. This is most of my highlights while diving. We have seen 4 sharks on two boat dives, few octopuses, eels, turtles and lots of fish. The most rewarding was a search for Dragon Eel on shore dives. This colorful creature is so beautiful I couldn't believe. Also, we had a lobster coming out in the open in broad daylight and very small white eel which is very shy. I took some pictures of it but the video came out blurry. I used red filters with the addition of macro lens for GoPro Hero4 for close-ups. Edited in Sony Vegas 13.
Music by Elskavon - Imprints

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