PrimoMedia - Chris Biela - 24 sharks and 4 divers

24 sharks and 4 divers - SEALIFE Scuba Dive at MOA

Extremely cool and incredibly close encounter with different species of sharks at SEALIFE ( Atlantis exhibit ), Mall Of America - Bloomington, Minnesota. In addition Sturgeon feeding on first dive and interaction with fresh water fish in Sturgeon Lake exhibit. Very lucky dive with unusual siting of fresh water American Eel. Really rare possibility to spot him in the open like we had a chance. I used GoPro Hero3 Balck edition and GoPro Hero one while diving. Material from GoPro one is unusable. Really poor quality because of low light. Not recommended. Hero 3 on the other hand came out awesome. Unbelievably huge difference.
Great experience with very knowledgeable and friendly people making this dives unforgettable.
Shark list from Atlantis exhibit:
- sand tiger shark (5)
- sandbar shark (3)
- wobbegong shark (7)
- white tip reef shark (3)
- black tip reef shark (1)
- nurse shark (5)
+ guitarfish(3), shark ray (1), sawfish (2), southern stingrays (5), sea turtles and more

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