Frontier Forge - Hand Forged Pritchel Punch

Hand Forged Pritchel Punch

Today I hand forge a pritchel punch, an essential tool for farriers used for punching nail holes into horseshoes. I forged my pritchel punch from 3/4" coil spring. A pritchel punch is basically a long, square taper, so making one uses a lot of basic forging techniques that every blacksmith should know and make use of. The method of drawing out I use is a very extreme and aggressive one for drawing tapers and using this method you can move a lot of steel per heat, as you see demonstrated. It takes a lot of energy to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will save you a lot of time when you have to draw out a lot of steel and don't have a power hammer, press, or striker available to you. Afterward, I clean the punch with the grinder, then quench and temper it. I hope you all enjoy.

(My anvil stand is not the greatest so you will see my anvil moving around some. I'm currently working on building a new, more sturdy anvil stand out of some angle iron and steel plate. It should work out much better once completed!)

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