Frontier Forge - Hand Forged Old West Cowboy Dinner Bell Triangle

Hand Forged Old West Cowboy Dinner Bell Triangle

In this video I demonstrate how to forge an old west cowboy dinner bell triangle from 1/4" round bar 21 inches in length using bending jigs. Jigs are an important tool for blacksmiths. They aid in the fabrication process increasing the speed at which you can make things. That in turn increases your profit. I start by texturing the stock with my hammer on the anvil. This doesn't have to be done with very much heat. Then I forge out one end into a taper and make a small scroll on the end that acts as a catch for our bending jig. After bending the end that will become the bottom of our triangle dinner bell, we proceed to heat the sections that form the corners of our triangle dinner bell around our dinner bell jig. Using another shorter piece of our 1/4" stock that will become our clacker, we again form a short taper on it, scroll the tip, and then wrap it around our bending jig as well. Special thanks to Trenton Tye at Purgatory Ironworks. If you haven't checked out his channel, be sure you do!

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