Frontier Forge - Hand Forged Barbecue Fork With A Twist

Hand Forged Barbecue Fork With A Twist

In this video, I demonstrate how to hand forge a barbecue/grilling fork with a twist in the middle. For this project, I used a piece of 3/16" by 3/4" flat bar 12 inches long. It is a fairly simple process. I start off by isolating the area that will become the fork tines and then I isolate a short area behind that to make a sort of a decorative shoulder. From there I taper the handle section down to a half inch and then from a hanging loop with the bending jig. For the next step in the process of forging the barbecue fork, I split the fork tines with a hot cutting chisel, though you can also use an angle grinder or band saw for this part. I spread the tines apart and start tapering the fork tines to a point. I then round off the fork tines and shape them over the horn. To finish our hand forged barbecue fork, I put a decorative twist in the middle. This is a simple project to make and utilizes several important blacksmithing basic techniques and is generally a good seller. I hope you enjoy the video!

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