Frontier Forge - Forging a Leaf Key Chain

Forging a Leaf Key Chain

In this video, I show you the process I use for forging a leaf key chain. Forging a leaf demonstrates some very basic blacksmithing techniques and will help you to develop good hammer control and is a great blacksmith project to sell. I start by forging out a short taper on the end of the starting stock. Then I gauge out roughly a square section over the edge of the anvil and begin isolating what will eventually become our forged leaf. You want to draw that down roughly half of the parent stock thickness. Then I rotate the stock and set down another isolation point on the near edge of the anvil. I draw out the middle of the isolated areas over the face of the anvil. Once I have my material forged down to the thickness I want it, I break the corners and start rounding it out. Now we can start forging the leaf. I forge the leaf end down to roughly the same thickness as the stem portion. I fuller the leaf pattern into the steel. Then I can cut the stem off and form the loop out of the stem to finish off the leaf key chain.

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