Frontier Forge - Island Metal Challenge - Basket Twist S-Hook

Island Metal Challenge - Basket Twist S-Hook

this video, I conduct the Island Metal Challenge by forging a basket twist S-hook. The basket twist is one of my favorite decorative twist styles and it's not nearly as hard to make as it looks, which I hope I have demonstrated that it's not. I start off with four pieces of 1/4" round rod cut to 7 inches in length which I bundle together with some wire. With a red heat on one end of my bundle, I apply some borax flux and prepare for forge welding. When forge welding, you want to make sure your pieces are clean. I then bring my pieces up to heat slowly until it has reached forge welding temperature, about lemon yellow in color. I repeat this process for both ends. Once both ends are welded, I twist the middle in one direction. I draw out the ends of my material and shape them into my S-hook. Then I untwist the middle to form the basket twist S-hook, thus completing the Island Metal Challenge by my good friend, Yamez. He is a great entertainer and blacksmith from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His forge is Island Metal Forge. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe. I will leave a link below. I hope you enjoy the video!

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