[Beats & Bobs # 16] Star Wars' Empire's theme played with LEGOs

Star Wars' Empire's theme played with LEGOs

Every sound used in this video was made using the sounds from the video footage.
As show (very briefly) in the beginning of the video, the 2 first sounds make my kick drum, then the 5 following sounds all layered together form my snare. then I used the following sounds separately as hi-hats and other elements.
The bass is actually made of 2 layers: the first one is a pluck bass made with the light sabers as seen in the video. The second layer is made with the same sound but it was looped so it would be a continuous sound. I used it in a very low octave to use is as a sub.
All the sounds have been quite processed but I didn't develop that in this particular video as I did and will do that in other videos.
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